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About Panchgani Tent House

Panchgani Tent House is one of the famous and best Tent-House in Panchgani. It is situated at Khinger Ring Road (Khinger). It’s total distance 2 km way from the Panchgani Table Land. This firm is serving peoples, their receptions, marriages, engagements and many different types of celebration party and entertainment services in various type of functions. We have created value where we stayed today, it happens because of public co-operation of the Panchgani city.

Here, at Panchgani Tent House , we offer so many different services and facilities to our visitors

Panchgani tent house also takes participation all type of celebrations which are arranged by Govt. and local administration of Dist. Satara and also helps to complete functions successfully. We promise to keep it up in future. Firm have organized successfully all types of corporate events and product launching programmes. We are always prepared to be accepting all future challenges and updating ourselves because we can fulfill day by day all customer requirements and their satisfaction.

We hope for your cooperation’s and we are grateful for your feedback and suggestion so that we can improve all our services for satisfaction to the customer’s requirements.

It is a man made heaven in panchgani



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